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There was such a far away love story - An introduction

I don't know this autobiography causes what result. I just want to share my own story early because I'm afraid when time passes over, the feeling I get, the memories I have will no longer occur.
Time could make me forget warm sentences. Time could makes me forget his graceful eyes, gentle smile or kind gestures that move my heart. I would like to be with time - real witness - to tell you this story honestly as itself. To become a literary works, the story is added my thought and feeling about human and life with my limited experience. It is also written by my poor English - the language I always try to improve so that I need your sympathy - my beloved readers.
I have begun to write my far away love story when special feeling touched me after four days from the day I met him by chance. This seemed to be not only a miracle but also a special gift for my new age - twenty five years old.
I call this meet as a miracle because I have never thought that I would date with a foreigner…