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Vietnamese cakes: bánh cam, bánh khoai mì, bánh da heo

Bánh cam made from sticky rice, green bean and sesame

Bánh khoai mì (orange one) made from cassava and bánh da heo (green one) made from flour, green bean and pandanus. Name 'da heo' means 'pig skin' originated by appearance of the cake.

First market meeting of the year 2016 in Bong Son town

This first market meeting of the year is usually opened in the morning of 3rd lunar January everyyear only. After that, the market will be opened from morning till late afternoon in the next day as usual.

Here are some photos I had taken in 3rd lunar January (February 10th, 2016) in Bong Son market, Bong Son town, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam.

Vietnam - Painting photography Jan06 2015





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