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There was such a far away love story (2)

"Would you like to have dinner with me?"

To give a dinner invitation to a strange foreign man was my most breakthrough and boldest decision in twenty five years from the day I was born. And that was also one of important details to make the story continued...

In Friday morning, I came to office as usual. The morning passed over boringly. It was cloudy those days and rainy in the afternoon in Saigon, so that working atmosphere seemed to be more down. However, I paid attention to see K.'s Skype account online. I hoped in the exhibition he was free some moments, then came online, and accept add my account into friend list.

I chatted to a female friend and showed K.'s photo to her. I always told her my 'sudden crush'. She looked at the photo and said: 'Heaven, how cute he is. He's gentle, too. Might be same same as our age.'. 'I think he is younger than us' - I replied. Then she asked anything happened or not, I said I had add his Skype account and was waiting his acceptation.

After lunch time, a customer booked tour in next day. Because of urgent case, most staffs was busy to quote tour cost or book related services, etc. Being busy made me forget to care of K.'s Skype nick be online.

Till time was nearly off, job was ok. However, it suddenly rained. It was about 9 km from office to my room for rent. It was in rush hour and also in the rain, so that there might be serious traffic jam. I decided to be at office till it rained lightly. I connected to some websites to read tourism, culture, and social news.

At that time, in the right bottom of my computer there was a sign informing skype account of K. had been online.

It's 05:19 p.m. He maybe was back from exhibition.

Not to be late a second anymore, I clicked on his account.

- Hello.

- Hey hey - His immediately replying made me so happy.

- Sorry...

- How are you?

- Are you from E. Travel, Cambodia.

- Of course, I'm from E. Travel, Cambodia.

- Oh, I thought I wrongly added your nick, because I saw information from your account was in Yangon. Are you still in Vietnam

- Yes. Because I'm Myanmar, but I work in Cambodia.

- Really? So when will you be back to Cambodia?

- I'm not sure because I have to meet some partners in Saigon. Maybe in Sunday...

- Uhm. Well, do you know who you are chatting with?

- Yes, we met in ITE, right?

At that time, I misunderstood that he remembered me, but not, later I found out he had got my message so that he replied me so

- You look so cute. May I know how old you are?

I don't understan why I always behave boldly in speech in chatting in the Internet. This is absolutely contrary to me in real life. Maybe words are blank so that what's wrong If I say good words to someone? Moreover, how really cute this guy is!

- I'm old.

- Really? I don't think so. You look so young. I think your age is same same as mine

- Really? So what do you think? Could you guess about my age? You were born in 1985, right?

He maybe had looked at my profile in skype.

- Ya, as I said, I think your age is less than or same same as mine.

- Oh, not bad. Tell me anything else you think.

- I'm not good at guessing age, especially guess age of a man. So please tell me how old you are.

- I was born in 8th February 1985. I'm older than you, so you have to call me as brother.

- Ha ha... Hey, in your country, I mean Myanmar, do people have new year as Chinese one?

- We have new year as Chinese people but it's not popular as one in Cambodia or Vietnam.

Later I read some information about new year holiday in Myanmar held in middle of April every year.

- Uhm.

- Do you want to visit Myanmar?

- No, I just think that our next new year held in beginning of February (Actually at that time I thought I remembered his birthday for congratulation).

- Hey, what is "Uhm"?

- That means agreeing with you.

- Ah...

- Why do you work in Cambodia? Do you have anyone familiar there?

- No, I have co-operated with N. to run a travel agent there.

- Uhm. I will travel Cambodia at the end of this year (I thought and prepared for this trip long time ago).

- Oh, yes... I wait to welcome you.

- Ha ha... Do you see this photo? (Sending him a photo link that I tooked in exhibition).

- Ok, let me check... Oh, it's mine...

- Ya, your gentle face attracted me...

- Really... Are you still working?

- Ya, I'm little busy...

- Oh, good! Do you have much customer?

- Not much, sometimes we are very busy, sometimes not.

- I see.

- Hey, have you ever been in Hanoi?

- Not yet, but this is the second time I'm in Saigon. So aren't you from Saigon?

I thought to myself that he was so bright.

- Ya, I'm from centre zone of Vietnam, not in Saigon, also not in Hanoi. Whom do you come here with?

- With N.

"Maybe that's his colleague." - I thought to myself because at that time I just took care of K., not anyone even N. Although in exhibition, K. had given me business card of his manager - It was N. and then had written his skype account on it. Maybe I just care of the skype account and didn't care of the business card. I also forgot some minutes before K. had told me that he co-operated with N. to run a travel agent in Cambodia.

- Have you got dinner?

- Not yet. And you?

- Me too...

- May I call you as An, or...

- You could call me as any name you like.

- Oh, good girl!

- My name in English means Safety.

- Really? So I call you as Safety.

- K. is a strange, cute and easy to remember name...

- Ya, many people also say that I have an easy to remember name...

- ... Are you married? - I didn't know why I could ask that pert question in the first time of chatting.

- Noone wants to marry me...

- Ha ha. They misunderstand...

- Why?

- It's raining... - I ignored his question. If I replied it, my face would become more red.

- Really? I don't know.

- Are you in room (of the hotel)?

- Yes, N. and I are going to go out for dinner. But it's rainy, we have to wait.

- Uhm, did you go around Saigon yesterday night?

- No, we were back and tired so that we went to bed early.
... Do you want to take me around Saigon? Do you have a motorbike?

- Ha ha... Going around Saigon in rain? Ya, I have.

- Why not? You will get experience with rain...

- It's not new experience with me.

- Why?

- If you go out, how about your friend? Do you want to let him alone? - I ignored his question again. I didn't want to say about old memory in rain with my first love, or some case being crazy in the rain while I had raincoat.

- Why not? Let him alone...
... I see many people drive motorbike. It looks like crazy.

- Can you drive motorbike?

- Of course, but not in Saigon.
... If you drive motorbike, I will sit behind you...

- Ha ha, I'm not confident to let a man sit behind me.

- Oh, I like this sentence.
... Is it still rainy?

- Ya, but less than...

- Good news.
... I'm hungry.

The thought to invite him to have dinner passed over my mind. I little worried because it was the thing I had never done in my life with any man, even with a strange and quickly acquainted foreign man.

I opened the door of my office and looked at the flow of traffic. It stopped raining. There was some Raindrops pattered on the road. The air was wet.

I absolutely decided.

- Would you like to have dinner and coffee with me?

I didn't know why I could say that invitation confidently. Because of this 'exploit' sentence, I could reach him and have short but unforgotten memories...

(To be continued) 

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