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Brilliant dawn at Mui Ne beach

Some photos taken at Mui Ne Beach, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam in the first day of June 2014.

Anadara subcrenata stir fried with piper lolot (Sò lông xào lá lốt)

Ingredients: anadara subcrenata, piper lolot, culantro, fresh chilli, oil, shallot, garlic, salt, sugar, pepper, chicken powder and fish sauce (soya sauce can be alternative).

Actually, it's a new dish created by me, but it is so tasty. Believe in me!

Yummy cucumber in fish sauce

Ingredients include: cucumber, fish sauce, plum chilli sauce. All mixed together and keep cool in fridge. Enjoy in maximum 2 days.

This food comes well with hot plain rice, especially enjoyed in rainy day.

Binh Trieu bridge, Saigon by night