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Colorful Hoi An ancient city, Vietnam by night - Painting photo


Wild Lo Dieu reefs

Photos below had been taken in 2012.  Lo Dieu reefs is a local attraction and also a historical relic where non-number boats landed to transfer weapons to battlefield Region 5. The attraction nowaday is beautiful and wild. It is located in Lo Dieu (Lộ Diêu) village, Hoai My (Hoài Mỹ) commune, Hoai Nhon (Hoài Nhơn) district, Binh Dinh (Bình Định) Province, centre zone of Vietnam.  The direction to Lo Dieu reefs is so narrow, curving and difficult to find, so the best way is to always ask local people. From centre of Bong Son (Bồng Sơn) town, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh Province, pass over the old bridge inside the town to the South, then turn left down to a slope. Bong Son bridge at night (photo taken in the South head) Bong Son bridge in daylight Curving road Peaceful suburb Pass over Lo Dieu pass Sightseeing from the pass Over the pass, a smooth road appears